Romans / Mysteries / Hesitations / Strong Silent Types

Product ID // 26001
Title Color The Reality Romans / Mysteries / Hesitations / Strong Silent Types
Description The Romans first recorded appearance with two tracks from 1981. Also on this excellent compilation are tracks by the Mysteries, Strong Silent Types, and the Hesitations.
12 tracks of experimental Wave, Art Rock & Avantgarde
by the Romans: You Only Live Once, It's A Lie, Nazarene, Black, Chasm
by Strong Silent Types: Sister Mary In A Halfshell, Audobon O.T.A, Fred Cadaver's Accident
by the Hesitations: Orville, Wrapped Up In Satin, Window Love, Cowboy Song
by the Mysteries: Performance Piece
Price Label / Year Format Condition
18,- €  Monsterface MF 001 / USA 1982 LP VG/VG

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