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Dorau, Andreas
...mehr Infos zu Dorau_Andreas Ärger Mit Der Unsterblichkeit

First ever vinyl issue, originally released as CD in 1992. Unplayed ... more

Bureau B BB 114 / GER 2012 LP Mint-/Mint- Alternative 16,- €
Adamson, Barry
...mehr Infos zu Adamson_Barry Moss Side Story

LP by the former Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds member. Sound Collage / Ambient. ... more

Mute STUMM 53 / UK 1989 LP VG+/VG+ Alternative 15,- €
Bailter Space
...mehr Infos zu Bailter_Space Wammo

Rare vinyl version of this album by the New Zealand band. Beautiful condition, ... more

Matador OLE 142-1 / USA 1995 LP Mint-/Mint- Alternative 38,- €
Honeymoon Killers
...mehr Infos zu Honeymoon_Killers Hung Far Low

Feat. Jon Spencer of Boss Hog and Pussy Galore and Russell Simins who played ... more

Fist Puppet FIST 002 / USA 1991 LP Mint-/Mint- Alternative 14,- €
Jesus Messerschmitt
...mehr Infos zu Jesus_Messerschmitt Edelstahl

First LP by the Hardrock band from Austria. With printed inner sleeve. Vinyl ... more

Marlboro Music 211 483 / GER 1991 LP VG+/VG Alternative 24,- €
Joneses, The
...mehr Infos zu Joneses_The Keeping Up With The Joneses

Only LP by the Sleaze Rock band from Los Angeles. Beautiful condition, vinyl ... more

Doctor Dream GWD90539 / USA 1986 LP VG+/Mint- Alternative 15,- €
...mehr Infos zu Luna Smile

Maxi-single by Dean Wareham, the former Galaxie 500 singer. Little info ... more

Elektra EKR169T / USA 1993 12inch VG+/VG+ Alternative 18,- €
Peace, Love And Pitbulls
...mehr Infos zu Peace_Love_And_Pitbulls Peace, Love And Pitbulls

Rare vinyl version of this Industrial Rock album by Sven Joachim Eriksson ... more

Play It Again Sam BIAS 238 / BEL 1992 LP VG+/Mint- Alternative 48,- €
Presidenten, Die
...mehr Infos zu Presidenten_Die Korrekte Drinks

Deutsch Punk. Cover and LP in bautiful condition, vinyl looks ... more

Leergut Weltklang Musikverlag / GER 1990 LP Mint-/Mint- Alternative 24,- €
Blue Cats, The
...mehr Infos zu Blue_Cats_The Early Days Vol. 1

Neo-Rockabilly from the UK. Nice selection of the tracks by the artists also ... more

Nervous Records NERD 010 / UK 1983 LP VG+/VG+ Alternative 12,- €
Gang Of Four
...mehr Infos zu Gang_Of_Four Mall

Rare vinyl edition of the 1991 album by the Post Punk / New Wave ... more

Polydor 849 124-1 / NL 1991 LP VG+/Mint- Alternative 30,- €
Goo Goo Dolls
...mehr Infos zu Goo_Goo_Dolls Live In Buffalo July 4th 2004

CD and DVD in gatefold digipak cover. The CDs look faint but play perfect, no ... more

Warner Bros. 9362-48867-2 / EEC 2004 CD VG+/VG+ Alternative 14,- €
Hard Response
...mehr Infos zu Hard_Response Single Bullet Theory

Blue vinyl with insert. German only vinyl version of the US Hardcore / Punk ... more

Gain Ground Gain 004b / GER 1996 LP VG+/VG+ Alternative 8,- €
...mehr Infos zu Loveslug Circus Of Values

LP by the dutch Grunge / Garage Rock band. Beautiful condition ... more

Glitterhouse GR 0141 / GER 1991 LP Mint-/Mint- Alternative 10,- €
Sudden, Nikki & Dave Kusworth : Jacobites
...mehr Infos zu Sudden_Nikki_Dave_Kusworth_Jacobites Fortune Of Fame

Rare UK Glass original LP by Nikki Sudden of The Swell Maps together with Dave ... more

Glass Records GLALP 029 / UK 1988 LP VG+/VG+ Alternative 24,- €
39 Steps
...mehr Infos zu 39_Steps Slip Into The Crowd

German pressing on white vinyl. First EP by the Canadian Wave / Punk band. ... more

Gate - Line GAEP 3.00001 / GER 1986 LP VG+/Mint- Alternative 8,- €
...mehr Infos zu Destructors Never Say Die!

First LP by the UK Punk band. Liner notes on backcover by Genesis P-Orridge of ... more

Illuminated JAMS 55 / UK 1982 LP VG+/Mint- Alternative 24,- €
Gallon Drunk
...mehr Infos zu Gallon_Drunk From The Heart Of Town

Limited LP with bonus white label EP "Live At The Madison Square Gardens. ... more

City Slang - Clawfist HUNKA LP 5 / UK 1993 2LP VG+/Mint- Alternative 24,- €
Undead, The
...mehr Infos zu Undead_The Never Say Die!

German original pressing of this Punk LP feat. former Misfits member Bobby ... more

Rebel Rec. RE 0023 / GER 1986 LP Mint-/Mint- Alternative 18,- €
4 Skins
...mehr Infos zu 4_Skins A Fistful Of........ 4Skins

Original pressing of this Oi Punk LP. Cover with a light bend in bottom right ... more

Syndicate syn1 / UK 1983 LP VG+/Mint- Alternative 30,- €
Giant Sand
...mehr Infos zu Giant_Sand Valley Of Rain

First LP by the Howe Gelb band. UK original in beautiful ... more

Zippo ZONG 008 / UK 1985 LP VG+/Mint- Alternative 14,- €
No Means No
...mehr Infos zu No_Means_No Why Do They Call Me Mr. Happy?

With insert and Alternative Tentacles mailorder catalogue. Beautiful ... more

Alternative Tentacles VIRUS 123 / UK 1993 LP Mint-/Mint- Alternative 40,- €
...mehr Infos zu Bored%21 Take It Out On You

Punk / Alternative Rock from Australia. Incl. an Rocket From The Tombs and a ... more

Glitterhouse GR 0111 / GER 1990 LP Mint-/Mint- Alternative 10,- €
Cakekitchen, The
...mehr Infos zu Cakekitchen_The Stompin' Thru The Boneyard

German only vinyl version of this album by band from the New Zealand Lo-Fi ... more

Raffmond RAFF 012-1 / GER 1994 LP Mint-/Mint- Alternative 18,- €
...mehr Infos zu HIM Dark Light

Still sealed copy, packaged in a hardback book-like case with a cardboard outer ... more

Sire 49436-2 / UK 2005 CD SS Alternative 10,- €
...mehr Infos zu Marionetz V8

Very rare vinyl version of the 1991 album by the Deutsch Punk band from Munich, ... more

Lächerlich! Schallplatten - Montevideo München LP 007 / GER 1991 LP Mint-/Mint- Alternative 24,- €
Various Artists
...mehr Infos zu Various_Artists BlueSanct 2005 Mixtape

Promo CD-R in plastic sleeve with insert. Folk / Electronica from the Blue ... more

Bluesanct / USA 2005 CD VG+/VG+ Alternative 5,- €
...mehr Infos zu Abw%E4rts V8

Very rare vinyl version of the 1995 album by the Deutsch Punk legend. Feat. ... more

Slime Tonträger 4804-1 / GER 1995 LP Mint/Mint Alternative 45,- €
...mehr Infos zu Abw%E4rts Herzlich Willkommen Im Irrenhaus

Very rare vinyl version of the 1993 album by the Deutsch Punk legend. Incl. ... more

Harvest 7 81366 1 / GER 1993 LP Mint-/Mint- Alternative 45,- €
...mehr Infos zu Boyracer More Songs About Frustration And Self-Hate

First LP by the UK Lo-Fi Alternative band. White label test pressing in ... more

A Turntable Friend TURN 20 / GER 1994 LP Mint-/Mint- Alternative 20,- €
Crime & The City Solution
...mehr Infos zu Crime_The_City_Solution Shine

Featuring Alexander Hacke of Einstürzende Neubauten, Mick Harvey of Nick Cave & ... more

Mute STUMM 59 / UK 1988 LP VG+/Mint- Alternative 15,- €
Fetish 69
...mehr Infos zu Fetish_69 Antibody

White vinyl pressing in beautiful condition. Industrial / Metal ... more

Nuclear Blast NB 087-1 / GER 1993 LP Mint-/Mint- Alternative 14,- €
House Of Love, The
...mehr Infos zu House_Of_Love_The Babe Rainbow

Rare vinyl version of the 1992 album by the Brit Pop band. With printed inner ... more

Fontana 512 549-1 / UK 1992 LP Mint-/Mint- Alternative 40,- €
Lazy Cowgirls
...mehr Infos zu Lazy_Cowgirls Ragged Soul

Garage Rock / Punk. Beautiful condition ! Tracklisting: A1 I Can't Be ... more

Crypt LP-061 / EEC 1995 LP Mint-/Mint- Alternative 24,- €
Lazy Cowgirls
...mehr Infos zu Lazy_Cowgirls Lazy Cowgirls

First LP by the Garage Rock / Punk band. Beautiful condition ... more

Enigma 2078-1 / NL 1985 LP Mint-/Mint- Alternative 24,- €
Lazy Cowgirls
...mehr Infos zu Lazy_Cowgirls A Little Sex And Death

Garage Rock / Punk. Beautiful condition, vinyl looks unplayed ... more

Crypt CR-083 / GER 1997 LP Mint-/Mint- Alternative 15,- €
...mehr Infos zu Litfiba 17 RE

French pressing of the 3rd album by the Italian Rock / New Wave band. Released ... more

IRA 102 / FRA 1987 LP Mint-/Mint- Alternative 28,- €
Pussy Galore
...mehr Infos zu Pussy_Galore Historia De La Musica Rock

Noise Rock icons Jon Spencer, Neil Hagerty and Bob Bert of Boss Hog, Sonic ... more

Danceteria DAN LP 041 / FRA 1990 LP Mint-/Mint- Alternative 24,- €
Sonora Pine, The
...mehr Infos zu Sonora_Pine_The The Sonora Pine

LP with insert. Beautiful condition ! Postrock feat. Sean Meadows of June Of ... more

Quarterstick QS 39 LP / USA 1996 LP Mint-/Mint- Alternative 14,- €
Tall Dwarfs
...mehr Infos zu Tall_Dwarfs Fork Songs

Original pressing of the LP by the New Zealand Home Recording / Lo-Fi ... more

Flying Nun FN218 / AUS 1991 LP Mint-/Mint- Alternative 50,- €
Tall Dwarfs
...mehr Infos zu Tall_Dwarfs Weeville

Original pressing with huge booklet by the New Zealand Home Recording / Lo-Fi ... more

Flying Nun FN166 / AUS 1990 LP Mint-/Mint- Alternative 58,- €
Element Of Crime
...mehr Infos zu Element_Of_Crime Try To Be Mensch

Second LP by the band featuring Sven Regener. Produced by John Cale of Velvet ... more

Polydor 831 787-1 / GER 1987 LP VG+/Mint- Alternative 14,- €
...mehr Infos zu Notwist_The_ Shrink

STILL SEALED / NEW CD reissue of this beautiful album feat. Console, originally ... more

Virgin 8 45659 2 / GER 200? CD SS Alternative 13,- €
...mehr Infos zu Anajo Geboren für die Stadt

Self released CD from 2000 with autograph / Autogramm by all band members on ... more

Echolot / GER 2000 CD VG+/G Alternative 12,- €
Betty Poison
...mehr Infos zu Betty_Poison Joy

Promo CD-R EP in cardboard cover. Alternative Rock band from Italy, formerly ... more

? / GER 2015 CD:Single VG+/VG+ Alternative 6,- €
Devine, Kevin
...mehr Infos zu Devine_Kevin Bubblegum / Bulldozer

Promo CD-R in plastic envelope sleeve with insert. Including this two albums ... more

Big Scary Monsters / USA 2013 CD VG+/VG Alternative 8,- €
We Are Bodies
...mehr Infos zu We_Are_Bodies We Are Bodies

Promo CD in cardboard cover. Tracklisting: 1 Pressure Compressor 2 We ... more

Membran p233955 / EU 2015 CD VG+/Mint- Alternative 6,- €
25 Ta Life
...mehr Infos zu 25_Ta_Life Best Of Friends / Enemies

US Hardcore / Punk. CD with a few light marks, plays ... more

Back To Basics BTB 60 / USA 2003 CD VG+/VG Alternative 7,- €
...mehr Infos zu Adolar Die Kälte Der Neuen Biederkeit

Promo CD in black paper sleeve. Emo / Punk. Tracklisting: 1 Rauchen ... more

Zeitstrafe # 33 / GER 2013 CD VG+/VG+ Alternative 8,- €
Audience Killers
...mehr Infos zu Audience_Killers Floating Islands

CD with very light surface marks, plays perfect. Atmospheric Synth Pop / ... more

Trii House TRII001CD / EEC 2014 CD VG+/VG Alternative 9,- €
Auster, Sophie
...mehr Infos zu Auster_Sophie Dogs And Men

CD in cardboard cover. Folk / Songwriter / Pop. Tracklisting: 1 Bad ... more

Out Loud Music / USA 2015 CD Mint-/Mint- Alternative 8,- €
Dead Gaze
...mehr Infos zu Dead_Gaze Brain Holiday

Promo CD in plastic envelope sleeve with insert. Tracklisting: 1 Yuppies Are ... more

Palmist - FatCat PALMCD02P / UK 2013 CD VG+/VG+ Alternative 5,- €
Hey Ocean!
...mehr Infos zu Hey_Ocean%21 Is

Promo CD in cardboard picture sleeve. Tracklisting: 1 If I Was A Ship ... more

Nettwerk 0 6700 32435 2 0 / EU 2013 CD VG+/VG+ Alternative 5,- €
...mehr Infos zu Highasakite In And Out Of Weeks

5 track CD EP in digi-cover. Alternative Rock from Norway. Tracklisting: 1 ... more

Propeller Recordings PRR71 / USA 2013 CD:Single VG+/Mint- Alternative 6,- €
...mehr Infos zu Houndstooth Ride Out the Dark

Promo CD in jewel case, released with printed back cover but no ... more

No Quarter NOQ 033-2 / USA 2013 CD VG+/Mint- Alternative 5,- €
Klassen, Jordan
...mehr Infos zu Klassen_Jordan Repentance

Promo CD in Nevado Records cardboard sleeve with copied tracklist on ... more

Nevado Records / USA 2013 CD VG+/VG+ Alternative 5,- €
Krgovich, Nicholas
...mehr Infos zu Krgovich_Nicholas On Sunset

Promo only CD edition in plastic envelope sleeve with insert. CD with light ... more

Tin Angel Records TAR048 / USA 2014 CD VG+/VG Alternative 5,- €
Lowe, Rosie
...mehr Infos zu Lowe_Rosie Right Thing

4 track promo CD in plastic envelope cover with insert. Close to mint. Electro ... more

37 Adventures / EEC 2013 CD VG+/VG+ Alternative 8,- €
Phillip Boa And The Voodooclub
...mehr Infos zu Phillip_Boa_And_The_Voodooclub Loyalty

Promo CD. Tracklisting: 1 Black Symphony 5:11 2 Want 3:14 3 Ernest 2 ... more

Cargo CAR PR CD 121 / GER 2012 CD VG+/Mint- Alternative 5,- €
...mehr Infos zu Phosphorescent Live At The Music Hall

7 track promo CD / album sampler in cardboard cover. Recorded live at the ... more

Dead Oceans / USA 2015 CD VG+/Mint- Alternative 7,- €
Saal 2
...mehr Infos zu Saal_2 Was Macht Die Musik?

Promo CD in Tapete cardboard cover with info sticker on frontcover. NDW / ... more

Tapete TR 302 / GER 2015 CD VG+/Mint- Alternative 7,- €
Western Lows
...mehr Infos zu Western_Lows Glacial

Promo CD in cardboard cover. Alternative / Shoegaze. Tracklisting: 1 ... more

Highline HLO24P / EEC 2013 CD VG+/Mint- Alternative 7,- €
Blatant Dissent
...mehr Infos zu Blatant_Dissent Hold The Fat

80s Punk, first released in 1991. Beautiful condition ! Tracklisting: A1 ... more

Glitterhouse GR 0156 / GER 1991 LP Mint-/Mint- Alternative 6,- €
D Base 5
...mehr Infos zu D_Base_5 Aggravated Assault

Crossover. Beautiful condition ! Tracklisting: A1 Batóukuu A2 Jesus ... more

Balls Records BRD 06 LP / GER 1994 LP Mint-/Mint- Alternative 6,- €
Gaye Bykers On Acid
...mehr Infos zu Gaye_Bykers_On_Acid Stewed To The Gills

Industrial Rock. LP with printed inner sleeve, close to ... more

Virgin 209 745-630 / GER 1989 LP VG+/VG+ Alternative 6,- €
...mehr Infos zu Tigerjunge Jedes Lächeln Bringt Punkte

STILL SEALED / NEW CD album by the Post-Punk, Avantgarde Synth-pop project by ... more

Zickzack ZZ 2030 / EU 2010 CD SS Alternative 8,- €
Lubricated Goat
...mehr Infos zu Lubricated_Goat Psychedelicatessen

Rare original first pressing US-Amphetamine Reptile CD version with barcode ... more

Amphetamine Reptile Records ARR 89204-2 / USA 1990 CD VG+/VG+ Alternative 16,- €
Rebel Rousers
...mehr Infos zu Rebel_Rousers Mad Trappers

German Rockabilly 7inch with picture sleeve. Vinyl with some light surface ... more

String Records SR 88001 / GER 1988 7inch VG+/VG+ Alternative 7,- €
Ace Cats, The
...mehr Infos zu Ace_Cats_The_ Cat Talk

First album of the German Rockabilly group feat. Götz Alsmann. Cover with only ... more

Energie 650 001 / GER 1982 LP VG+/Mint- Alternative 11,- €
...mehr Infos zu Croaks Croaks

Rockabilly from France. LP with printed inner sleeve. Tracklisting: A1 ... more

New Rose ROSE 218 / FRA 1990 LP VG+/Mint- Alternative 8,- €
...mehr Infos zu Gore Mean Man's Dream

Instrumental Doom Metal / Noise Rock from the Netherlands. Very nice ... more

Eksakt 032 / NL 1987 LP VG+/VG+ Alternative 10,- €
Insane Jane
...mehr Infos zu Insane_Jane A Green Little Pill

Still sealed LP with a little cut-out in upper left corner. Garage ... more

Sky 7-5040-1 / USA 1991 LP SS Alternative 8,- €
Jones Very
...mehr Infos zu Jones_Very Words And Days

Punk / Post Punk band from the US, founded by Vic Bondi of Articles Of Faith ... more

Roadrunner - Hawker HR 9441 1 / NL 1989 LP Mint-/Mint- Alternative 8,- €
Major Accident
...mehr Infos zu Major_Accident Tortured Tunes - Live-The Official Bootleg

Beautiful condition, vinyl looks unplayed. Original pressing on Syndicate ... more

Syndicate SYN LP 9 / UK 1984 LP VG+/Mint- Alternative 35,- €
Mega City Four
...mehr Infos zu Mega_City_Four Magic Bullets

Vinyl edition with lyric insert and postcard. Fantastic condition, vinyl looks ... more

Big Life MEG LP3 / UK 1993 LP Mint-/Mint- Alternative 18,- €
Rave-Ups, The
...mehr Infos zu Rave-Ups_The Town + Country

German pressing on white vinyl. Beautiful condition ! Alternative Country ... more

Wired WILP 4.00004J / GER 1985 LP Mint-/Mint- Alternative 9,- €
Skeptiker, Die
...mehr Infos zu Skeptiker_Die Schwarze Boten

Rare LP by the East German (DDR) Punk band. First pressing in clear ... more

Our Choice RTD 195.1378.1 / GER 1993 LP Mint-/Mint- Alternative 50,- €
Various Artists
...mehr Infos zu Various_Artists Finabilly 1990

80s Rockabilly compilation from Finland. Cover and vinyl record in EXCELLENT ... more

Goofin' Records GOOFY 1990 / FIN 1990 LP VG+/VG+ Alternative 9,- €
Beguiled, The
...mehr Infos zu Beguiled_The Blue Dirge

Cover still in shrink with insert. Vinyl looks unplayed. Garage Rock on the ... more

Crypt Records CR-039 / USA 1994 LP Mint-/Mint- Alternative 9,- €
...mehr Infos zu Curve Blackerthreetracker

Industrial Rock. Tracklisting: A1 Missing Link 4:19 B1 On The Wheel ... more

Anxious ANXT 42 / UK 1993 12inch VG/VG+ Alternative 5,- €
Die Regierung
...mehr Infos zu Die_Regierung So Allein

LP by the Hamburger Schule band feat. Tilman Rossmy. Fantastic condition, ... more

Scratch 'n' Sniff ‎SS 07 / GER 1990 LP Mint-/Mint- Alternative 24,- €
House Of Freaks
...mehr Infos zu House_Of_Freaks Cakewalk

This two-man band was kind of a blueprint for bands like White Stripes and The ... more

Giant Records 7599-24417-1 / GER 1991 LP VG+/Mint- Alternative 9,- €
...mehr Infos zu Laibach Nova Akropola

LP with printed inner sleeve and Wax Trax advertising insert. Vinyl in ... more

Wax Trax! WAX 7080 / USA 1986 LP VG+/Mint- Alternative 15,- €
Material Issue
...mehr Infos zu Material_Issue International Pop Overthrow

Very rare european vinyl version. First major label release by the Power Pop / ... more

PolyGram - Mercury 848 155-1 / NL 1991 LP VG+/Mint- Alternative 130,- €
Pale Saints
...mehr Infos zu Pale_Saints The Comforts Of Madness

Rare vinyl version of the last album by the UK Shoegaze band. Fantastic ... more

4AD CAD 4014 / UK 1994 LP Mint-/Mint- Alternative 50,- €
Schröders, Die
...mehr Infos zu Schr%F6ders_Die Mutter Horcht An Deiner Tür

Deutsch Punk. Beautiful condition ! Tracklisting: A1 Mutter (Horcht An ... more

T.A.O.B. Products 008-24701 / GER 1991 LP Mint-/Mint- Alternative 18,- €
...mehr Infos zu UIC Live / Like Ninety

Garage Rock / Punk from Ontario, Canada. Vinyl looks unplayed. Cover still in ... more

OG Music OG 22 / CAN 1988 LP Mint-/Mint- Alternative 8,- €
Vandals, The
...mehr Infos zu Vandals_The Slippery When Ill

Cover with a little cut-out in upper seam. Apart of that in beautiful ... more

Restless 7 72289-1 / USA 1988 LP VG+/Mint- Alternative 15,- €
Claw Boys Claw
...mehr Infos zu Claw_Boys_Claw The Beast Of Claw Boys Claw

Garage Rock incl. a coverversion of the Shocking Blue classic "Venus" and of ... more

Independance EFA 08-8561 / GER 1988 LP Mint-/Mint- Alternative 12,- €
...mehr Infos zu SNFU The One Voted Most Likely To Succeed

90s Punk / Hardcore by the band from Canada. US original with insert, in ... more

Epitaph 86441-1 / USA 1995 LP Mint-/Mint- Alternative 30,- €
...mehr Infos zu Vertigo Nail Hole

Noise Rock / Math Rock on Amphetamine Reptile Records. Beautiful condition, ... more

Amphetamine Reptile Records AMREP 021 / GER 1993 LP Mint-/Mint- Alternative 8,- €
Dots, The
...mehr Infos zu Dots_The Return Of The Dots

Very nice condition, vinyl without any marks. First LP by the Punk ... more

Rebel Rec. spv 08-1432 / GER 1985 LP VG+/Mint- Alternative 12,- €
Verlaine, Tom
...mehr Infos zu Verlaine_Tom Cover

German pressing with printed inner sleeve. Tom Verlaine was the singer of the ... more

Virgin 206 440-320 / GER 1984 LP VG+/VG+ Alternative 6,- €
Yard Trauma
...mehr Infos zu Yard_Trauma Retro-Spex

A collection of demos, outtakes & live tracks 1983-1989. Including an A4 info ... more

Traumaphonic Records TR101 / USA 1984 LP Mint-/Mint- Alternative 14,- €
Baron Titus And The Nonsense Of Rock
...mehr Infos zu Baron_Titus_And_The_Nonsense_Of_Rock Völlig Daneben

Deutsch Punk / Fun Punk. LP with printed inner sleeve. Cover with a little ... more

Caprifischer CF 7001 / GER 1990 LP VG+/Mint- Alternative 8,- €
Dream Syndicate, The
...mehr Infos zu Dream_Syndicate_The Ghost Stories

German pressing in fantastic condition. Vinyl looks unplayed. Steve Wynn ... more

Enigma 209 353-630 / GER 1988 LP VG+/Mint- Alternative 12,- €
Gaye Bykers On Acid
...mehr Infos zu Gaye_Bykers_On_Acid Pernicious Nonsense

Industrial Rock. LP in beautiful condition ! Tracklisting: A1 S.O.S. ... more

Naked Brain NBX 002 / UK 1990 LP VG+/Mint- Alternative 6,- €
Ghost Dance
...mehr Infos zu Ghost_Dance Stop The World

Only LP by the band formed by Gary Marx from The Sisters Of Mercy and Anne ... more

Chrysalis 210 189 / GER 1989 LP VG+/VG+ Alternative 8,- €
Hart, Grant
...mehr Infos zu Hart_Grant Intolerance

First solo LP by the The Hüsker Dü drummer. Cover still in shrink with ... more

SST 215 / USA 1989 LP VG+/Mint- Alternative 16,- €
...mehr Infos zu Rausch Good Luck

Picture disc in picture cover with printed inner sleeve. Very nice ... more

Vertigo 510 945-1 / GER 1992 LP VG+/VG+ Alternative 9,- €
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