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Essence Donn
...mehr Infos zu Essence_Donn Show Me The Way / Simple

Orig US with pic. sleeve. Tracklisting: A1 Show Me The Way (Raw) A2 ... more

Freeze PVL53174 / USA 1994 12inch Mint/Mint- Hip Hop 4,- €
...mehr Infos zu 2pac Live

NEW STILL SEALED double vinyl version of this Gangsta / Thug Rap album ... more

Koch Records KOC-LP-5746 / USA 2004 2LP SS Hip Hop 30,- €
...mehr Infos zu 2Pac All Eyez On Me

NEW STILL SEALED, digitally remastered 4 vinyl records gatefold sleeve reissue ... more

Death Row Records DRR 63008-1 / USA 2001 4LP SS Hip Hop 30,- €
...mehr Infos zu Finale Odds & Ends

NEW STILL SEALED USA two coloured (Gold/Red) clear vinyl album version with ... more

Mello Music Group MMG-00074-1 / USA 2015 LP SS Hip Hop 18,- €
...mehr Infos zu Makaveli The Don Killuminati

NEW STILL SEALED remastered reissue of this classic 1996 Gangsta / Thug Rap ... more

Death Row Records DRR 63012-1 / USA 2001 2LP SS Hip Hop 20,- €
Mr. Lif
...mehr Infos zu Mr_Lif Don't Look Down

NEW STILL SEALED Ltd black & grey coloured "storm clouds vinyl" Edition. Boston ... more

Mello Music Group MMG-00084-1 / USA 2016 LP SS Hip Hop 22,- €
Ugly Heroes
...mehr Infos zu Ugly_Heroes Everything In Between

NEW STILL SEALED USA clear vinyl album version with original blue sticker on ... more

Mello Music Group MMG-00087-1 / USA 2016 LP SS Hip Hop 20,- €
Vinnie Paz of Jedi Mind Tricks
...mehr Infos zu Vinnie_Paz_of_Jedi_Mind_Tricks God Of The Serengeti

NEW STILL SEALED clear double vinyl version with download code. Philadelphia ... more

Enemy Soil ES-LP-1201 / USA 2012 2LP SS Hip Hop 23,- €
...mehr Infos zu L_Orange_ The Ordinary Man

NEW STILL SEALED special edition two-coulored clear & black vinyl and special ... more

Mello Music Group MMG00103-1 / USA 2017 LP SS Hip Hop 22,- €
The 1978ers
...mehr Infos zu The_1978ers People Of Today

NEW STILL SEALED original US double vinyl album. Conscious Indi Hip Hop from ... more

Mello Music Group - Fatbeats MMG059 / USA 2014 2LP SS Hip Hop 20,- €
Quelle Chris Presents Too Dirt For TV²
...mehr Infos zu Quelle_Chris_Presents_Too_Dirt_For_TV%B2 Niggas Is Men

NEW STILL SEALED US vinyl album version, still with original sticker on shrink. ... more

Mello Music Group LP-MMGLTD002 / USA 2013 LP SS Hip Hop 20,- €
Army Of The Pharaohs
...mehr Infos zu Army_Of_The_Pharaohs In Death Reborn

NEW STILL SEALED green coloured double vinyl version. Harcore Hip Hop feat. ... more

Enemy Soil ES-LP-1401 / USA 2014 2LP SS Hip Hop 30,- €
Swollen Members
...mehr Infos zu Swollen_Members Balance

UK CD album by the Hip Hop crew from Canada. Everything in excellent ... more

Jazz Fudge JFRCD016 / UK 1999 CD Mint-/Mint- Hip Hop 8,- €
Killa Hakan
...mehr Infos zu Killa_Hakan Kreuzberg City

Still sealed CD release!! Tracklisting: 1 Bir Ara Bir Daha Sor (Kreuzberg ... more

Rough Mix Recordings 4 260038 521663 / GER 2007 CD SS Hip Hop 9,- €
Da Muphukkuz
...mehr Infos zu Da_Muphukkuz The Appetizer

Gangsta Hip Hop from Chicago (DemPhukku Z, USA). Rare promo only vinyl 12inch ... more

Mp'z Entertainment L-10586M / USA 2000 12inch VG+/VG+ Hip Hop 15,- €
...mehr Infos zu DFA The DFA Remixes: Chapter One

Original Poster to promote the Remix album of the DFA Crew (tracks from artists ... more

EMI Electrola ‎Poster / GER 2006 Poster Mint-/Mint- Hip Hop 9,- €
...mehr Infos zu B-Tight Ghetto Romantik

German Crunk, Gangsta Hip Hop / Deutschrap "Mixtape" on CD feat. Deine Eltan, ... more

Aggro Berlin AGGRO-067-2 / GER 2007 CD Mint-/Mint- Hip Hop 10,- €
...mehr Infos zu Maxwell Kohldampf

STILL SEALED / NEW! CD album by Rapper from Hamburg, part of the 187 ... more

AUF!KEINEN!FALL! / GER 2017 CD SS Hip Hop 10,- €
City Nord
...mehr Infos zu City_Nord Zeiten Ändern Sich

German Hip Hop / Deutschrap from Hamburg feat. Phantom Black. Comes in ... more

Motor Music Bonnie 01 / GER 2001 12inch VG+/Mint- Hip Hop 5,- €
Various Artists
...mehr Infos zu Various_Artists The Posse - Chapter 2

Rare 80s Oldschool USA Hip Hop compilation. This is the first CD-version ... more

Rams Horn Records RHR 7038 / NL 1991 CD VG+/VG+ Hip Hop 10,- €
...mehr Infos zu Gzuz Ebbe & Flut Ltd. Premium 2-Disc Edition

Rare and STILL SEALED / NEW Limited Edition double CD album by the Hamburg ... more

AUF!KEINEN!FALL! ‎187 / GER 2015 2CD SS Hip Hop 40,- €
Capital Bra
...mehr Infos zu Capital_Bra Makarov Komplex

STILL SEALED / NEW CD album by the Berlin based German Gangsta Hip Hop / ... more

AUF!KEINEN!FALL! ‎04019593406720 / GER 2017 CD SS Hip Hop 9,- €
...mehr Infos zu Afroman 4ro:20

CD album by the Grammy nominated American comedy rapper. Tracklisting: 1 ... more

Hungry Hustler ‎HHR 00423 / USA 2004 CD VG+/VG+ Hip Hop 6,- €
AK Ausserkontrolle
...mehr Infos zu AK_Ausserkontrolle A.S.S.N. - Auf Staat Sein Nacken

STILL SEALED / NEW double CD album by the Berlin based German Gangsta Hip Hop / ... more

AUF!KEINEN!FALL! ‎340849 / GER 2017 2CD SS Hip Hop 10,- €
Gzuz & Bonez MC
...mehr Infos zu Gzuz_Bonez_MC High & Hungrig 2

STILL SEALED / NEW CD album by the Hamburg based German Hip Hop / Deutschrap ... more

AUF!KEINEN!FALL! ‎AKF012 / GER 2016 CD SS Hip Hop 9,- €
Block Barley Featuring Guilty Simpson
...mehr Infos zu Block_Barley_Featuring_Guilty_Simpson Michigan Nights

Limited to 500 copies in handmade cover. Highly recommended german producer ... more

We Aint Music We Aint 01 / GER 2008 12inch Mint/Mint Hip Hop 12,- €
Phife Dawg
...mehr Infos zu Phife_Dawg Bend Ova / Thought U Wuz Nice

STILL SEALED / NEW 12inch vinyl in green picture sleeve, in the Superrappin ... more

Groove Attack GAP052 / GER 1999 12inch SS Hip Hop 9,- €
...mehr Infos zu Kuk2kru Kampf Um Kunststoff

Still sealed CD. Deutschrap / Hip Hop. Barcode: ... more

2Was Records / GER 2005 CD SS Hip Hop 8,- €
Brous One
...mehr Infos zu Brous_One Cinta De Ritmos Vol. 2

Limited Edition of 300 Copies on 10" Vinyl in sticker sleeve. Sticker comes ... more VinDig056 / GER 2014 10inch Mint-/Mint- Hip Hop 18,- €
Pa Sports
...mehr Infos zu Pa_Sports Zurück Zum Glück - Premium Edition

Still sealed Deutschrap CD. Tracklisting: 1 Makellos 2 Heb Mein Glas 3 ... more

Life Is Pain Entertainment LIP002PE / GER 2016 CD SS Hip Hop 8,- €
Obie Trice
...mehr Infos zu Obie_Trice Cry Now

STILL SEALED / NEW US-original in sticker sleeve. Detroit born rapper from the ... more

Interscope B0007326-11 / USA 2006 12inch SS Hip Hop 3,- €
Various Artists
...mehr Infos zu Various_Artists Style Liga Compilation Vol. 1 - Sticker

Sticker to announce the release of the Eimsbush compilation "Style Liga ... more

Eimsbush / GER 2001 Memorabilia Mint/Mint Hip Hop 1,- €
Eins, Zwo
...mehr Infos zu Eins_Zwo Tschuldigung / Weltretten 4 - Sticker

Sticker to promote the release of the single "Tschuldigung / Weltretten ... more

Yo Mama's Recording / GER 1999 Memorabilia VG+/VG+ Hip Hop 3,- €
City Nord
...mehr Infos zu City_Nord Zeiten Ändern Sich - Sticker

Sticker to announce the release of the single "Zeiten Ändern Sich". German Hip ... more

Motor / GER 2001 Memorabilia Mint/Mint Hip Hop 1,- €
DJ Tomekk feat. GZA
...mehr Infos zu DJ_Tomekk_feat_GZA Ich Lebe Für Hip Hop - Sticker

Sticker to announce the release of the single "Ich Lebe Für Hip Hop" feat. GZA, ... more

Fila Records / GER 2000 Memorabilia Mint/Mint Hip Hop 1,- €
...mehr Infos zu Eve Scorpion - Sticker

Promo sticker to announce the release of the album "Scorpion". Size: 22 x 11 cm ... more

Interscope - Ruff Ryders / GER 2001 Memorabilia Mint/Mint Hip Hop 1,- €
...mehr Infos zu Harleckinz Berlin Love - Sticker

Promo sticker to announce the release of the single "Berlin Love". Size: 21 x ... more

Superior - WEA / GER 2000 Memorabilia VG+/VG+ Hip Hop 1,- €
Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott
...mehr Infos zu Missy_Misdemeanor_Elliott Get Ur Freak On - Sticker

Promo sticker to announce the release of the single "Get Ur Freak On". Size: ... more

Elektra / GER 2001 Memorabilia Mint/Mint Hip Hop 1,- €
...mehr Infos zu Raekwon Immobilarity - Sticker

A Raekwon and a Wu-Tang sticker together on a double postcard. Made to promote ... more

Epic - Loud / GER 1999 Memorabilia Mint/Mint Hip Hop 2,- €
Various Artists
...mehr Infos zu Various_Artists Soundbombing II - Sticker

Sticker to announce the release of the Mix CD "Rawkus Presents Soundbombing II" ... more

Rawkus / ? 1999 Memorabilia Mint/Mint Hip Hop 1,- €
Nico Suave
...mehr Infos zu Nico_Suave Ich Sage Ja! - Sticker

Promo sticker / postcard to the release of the single with DJ Sparc. Size: ... more

Octopussy / GER 2001 Memorabilia Mint/Mint Hip Hop 1,- €
Nico Suave
...mehr Infos zu Nico_Suave Suave - Sticker

Promo sticker to the release of his first album with tour dates on back. Size: ... more

Island / GER 2001 Memorabilia Mint/Mint Hip Hop 1,- €
Wu-Tang Clan / Ghostface Killah
...mehr Infos zu Wu-Tang_Clan_Ghostface_Killah Postcard Set

2 promo sticker postcard set to the release of the Wu-Tang Clan album "The W" ... more

Epic / GER 2001 Memorabilia Mint/Mint Hip Hop 1,- €
...mehr Infos zu Eloquent Tinte, Spucke, Schall & Rauch

Deutschrap album, first released in 2011 MP3 only. Cover still in ... more

HHV.DE - Sichtexot HHV277 / GER 2014 LP Mint-/Mint- Hip Hop 40,- €
...mehr Infos zu Eloquent Das Ich Und Dein Verhängnis

Deutschrap album, first released in 2010 MP3 only. Cover still in ... more

HHV.DE - Sichtexot HHV258 / GER 2013 2LP Mint-/Mint- Hip Hop 17,- €
...mehr Infos zu Knowsum Hi-Hat Club Vol. 7: Hyasynthus

Part 7 in the Hi-Hat Club series. Hip Hop Instrumental LP. Cover still in ... more

Melting Pot Music MPM 202 / GER 2015 LP Mint-/Mint- Hip Hop 15,- €
...mehr Infos zu Felonious Plasticmen / Dynamic

Very rare promo only CD edition including instrumentals. Still sealed ... more

One Love Hip-Hop / USA 2001 CD:Single SS Hip Hop 15,- €
Insane Clown Posse
...mehr Infos zu Insane_Clown_Posse Hokus Pokus Remixed By Jason Nevins

Promo release in original sticker cover. Tracklisting: A1 Hokus Pokus (The ... more

Island HOKUS 1 / USA 1998 12inch VG+/VG+ Hip Hop 5,- €
Howard, Adina
...mehr Infos zu Howard_Adina It's All About You

RnB. In original sticker cover. Tracklisting: A1 It's All About You ... more

EastWest 0-66066 / USA 1995 12inch VG+/VG+ Hip Hop 5,- €
Dom G
...mehr Infos zu Dom_G Feelin Me

With original Autograph / Autogramm on frontcover and a letter by Dom G to K7 ... more

Dom Recordings DOM01 / UK 2004 12inch VG/Mint- Hip Hop 5,- €
Buck 65
...mehr Infos zu Buck_65 The Centaur

Experimental / Indi Hip Hop from Canada on Anticon Label. Orig. USA pressing ... more

Anticon ABR 0003 - 12 / USA 2006 12inch VG+/VG+ Hip Hop 20,- €
...mehr Infos zu UTFO Lethal

Original first 80s US-vinyl pressing, comes in picture sleeve and printed inner ... more

Select Records SEL 21619 / US 1987 LP VG+/VG+ Hip Hop 7,- €
Back 2 Square 1 meets Audiotreats & Soul Camp
...mehr Infos zu Back_2_Square_1_meets_Audiotreats_Soul_Camp The State of the World

Jazzy Electro Breakbeat & Hip Hop Tracklisting: A1 The State Of The World ... more

Here2Hear Records H2H 001 / GER 2002 12inch VG+/Mint Hip Hop 4,- €
...mehr Infos zu Equinoxx Lean 2 Da Side

Tracklisting: A1 Lean 2 Da Side A2 Lean 2 Da Side (Instrumental) ... more

Blaqnoize Ent Records BN0001 / USA ? 12inch VG+ Hip Hop 9,- €
Shiny Dayz
...mehr Infos zu Shiny_Dayz 720 degrees / When The Day Comes

Tracklisting: A1 720° (Street) A2 720° (Radio) A3 720° (Instrumental) ... more

Nxlevel Records EXEC1001 / USA 2000 12inch VG+ Hip Hop 4,- €
Blowfly & Friends
...mehr Infos zu Blowfly_Friends Shake Your Thang !

Tracklisting: A1 Shake Your Thang! (Vocal) 5:31 A2 Shake Your Thang! ... more

Oops ! OOPS-0001 / USA 1990 12inch VG+/VG+ Hip Hop 4,- €
M.C. Beta
...mehr Infos zu M_C_Beta There's Nothing Like New York

Tracklisting: A There's Nothing Like New York 5:57 B1 There's Nothing Like ... more

Profile Records PRO-7179 / USA 1988 12inch Mint/VG+ Hip Hop 4,- €
Rufus Blaq
...mehr Infos zu Rufus_Blaq Credentials

Still sealed in original black sticker cover. Westcoast Rap Tracklisting: A1 ... more

PPerspective Records ‎31454 9035 1 ST01 / USA 1998 2LP SS Hip Hop 8,- €
Psychic Phenomena
...mehr Infos zu Psychic_Phenomena The Whole Circumference

First EP by the UK Rap crew. With original autograph by Dominant G. Vinyl ... more

Low Life Records LOW 05 / UK 1997 12inch VG+/VG- Hip Hop 15,- €
Ol' Dirty Bastard
...mehr Infos zu Ol_Dirty_Bastard N***a Please

UK original of his second album, incl. insert. Vinyl with a lot of surface ... more

Elektra 7559-62414-1 / UK 1999 2LP VG-/VG- Hip Hop 40,- €
Scott, Tony
...mehr Infos zu Scott_Tony From Da Soul

Tracklisting: A1 From Da Soul (Extended Clubmix) 6:09 A2 From Da Soul ... more

Rhythm Import 014.5 / USA 1991 12inch VG+/Mint- Hip Hop 4,- €
...mehr Infos zu Maskoe Mein Respekt

German Hip Hop / Deutschrap. Tracklisting: A1 Mein Respekt 2:58 B1 ... more

Aktion Mensch AKTM 001-1 / GER 2002 12inch Mint-/Mint Hip Hop 7,- €
Various Artists
...mehr Infos zu Various_Artists Plattform Records - P.F.

Deutschrap / Hip Hop compilation. In original sticker ... more

Plattform Records PF001 / GER 1998 LP Mint-/Mint Hip Hop 12,- €
High Theme
...mehr Infos zu High_Theme Des Mots Vol. I

Private released French Hip Hop CD. Very light surface marks, plays perfect. ... more

Bouhah Records / FRA 2005 CD VG+/VG+ Hip Hop 9,- €
Various Artists
...mehr Infos zu Various_Artists Plattform Records - P.F.

Deutschrap / Hip Hop compilation. Tracklisting: 1 P.F. Squad Mit Doc Che - ... more

Plattform Records P001 / GER 1998 CD Mint-/Mint Hip Hop 9,- €
...mehr Infos zu Cryptonasen Team Avantgarde

Private released first album by Phase and Zenith who released later as Team ... more

Private / GER 2001 CD Mint-/Mint Hip Hop 30,- €
...mehr Infos zu Noah23 Jupiter Sajitarius

Abstract HipHop / Electronica. Tracklisting: 1 Lizard Lion Eagle 3:36 2 ... more

2nd Rec 2nd 021 / GER 2004 CD Mint-/Mint- Hip Hop 7,- €
Lane, Rebeca
...mehr Infos zu Lane_Rebeca Alma Mestiza

Latin American Hip Hop. CD in cardboard cover with printed inner ... more

Flowfish ff 0111 / GER 2017 CD Mint/Mint Hip Hop 9,- €
Blue Eyes
...mehr Infos zu Blue_Eyes Straight From The UK

Rare UK Rap CD singe on small german label. Very light surface marks, plays ... more

Buback 4015698 5128-2 3 / GER 1994 CD:Single VG+/VG Hip Hop 6,- €
London Posse
...mehr Infos zu London_Posse Supermodel / Here Comes The Rugged One

Rare UK Hip Hop A1 Supermodel A2 Supermodel (Instrumental) B1 Here ... more

Bullet Records BULT3 / UK 1993 12inch VG+/VG+ Hip Hop 10,- €
...mehr Infos zu NWA Straight Outta Compton - 10th Anniversary Edition

2LP reissue of this Gangsta Rap classic. Cover still in shrink. First LP with ... more

Priority P1 53532 / USA 1998 2LP VG+/VG Hip Hop 28,- €
Such A Surge
...mehr Infos zu Such_A_Surge Tropfen EP

Promo only vinyl release. German Hip Hop / Deutschrap with a Rock ... more

Epic - Sony SAMPMS 7478 / GER 1999 12inch VG+/VG+ Hip Hop 5,- €
Company Flow / DJ Spinna
...mehr Infos zu Company_Flow_DJ_Spinna Snippet Tape

Promo snippet tape in cardboard picture cover. Company Flow Presents "Little ... more

Rawkus RWK 2001-4P / USA 1999 Cassette VG/VG+ Hip Hop 15,- €
Eins, Zwo
...mehr Infos zu Eins_Zwo Danke, Gut / Wort Drauf

Rare CD-single EP in digipack sleeve. Feat. Eissfeldt & Samy ... more

Yo Mama YPS 7015-3 / GER 1999 CD:Single VG/VG+ Hip Hop 5,- €
Der Plusmacher
...mehr Infos zu Der_Plusmacher Freie Schwarzmarkt Wirtschaft

Limited double vinyl version with picture sleeve still wrapped in ... more

HHV.DE HHV 298 OFDM / GER 2014 2LP Mint-/Mint- Hip Hop 22,- €
Dynamite Deluxe
...mehr Infos zu Dynamite_Deluxe Ladies & Gentlemen - Tour Poster

Original Poster to promote the Germany Live Tour to the album "Deluxe ... more

EMI Electrola ‎Poster / GER 2000 Poster VG+/VG+ Hip Hop 20,- €
Various Artists
...mehr Infos zu Various_Artists Breakdance Boogie

Rare with big poster ( 33inchx22inch breakdance instruction). Poster perfect ... more

K-Tel TG 1493 / GER 1984 LP VG/VG+ Hip Hop 10,- €
Fünf Sterne Deluxe
...mehr Infos zu F%FCnf_Sterne_Deluxe Sillium - Dubplate

C and D side Dubplate / Acetate / Testpressing of their first album. This is ... more

Yo Mama YPS 7003-1 / GER 1998 LP VG+/VG+ Hip Hop 50,- €
Spice 1
...mehr Infos zu Spice_1 Dyin' 2 Ball

Original USA CD version in excellent condition. Gangsta / Thug Rap by one of ... more

Triple X Records / USA 2005 CD VG+/VG+ Hip Hop 8,- €
Various Artists
...mehr Infos zu Various_Artists Spice 1 Presents - West Coast Thugz

Original USA CD version in excellent condition. Gangsta / Thug Rap compilation ... more

PR Records 795957645021 / USA 2008 CD VG+/VG+ Hip Hop 9,- €
...mehr Infos zu Mantronix The Incredible Sound Machine

Orig. US Pic Cover, still in shrink. Tracklisting: A1 Step To Me (Do Me) ... more

Capitol C1-94570 / USA 1991 LP Mint-/VG+ Hip Hop 6,- €
Samy Deluxe
...mehr Infos zu Samy_Deluxe Männlich - Limited Deluxe Edition

Limited 3 CD set with original autograph / Autogramm on frontcover. In foldout ... more

Vertigo 602537731961 / GER 2014 3CD VG+/VG+ Hip Hop 24,- €
Riley, Teddy
...mehr Infos zu Riley_Teddy Nickel Bag of Swing

Orig US Tuff City in label cover, the label reads 'Nickel Bag of ... more

Tuff City Records TUFEP3006 / USA 1994 12inch VG+/VG+ Hip Hop 5,- €
Kollegah & Farid Bang
...mehr Infos zu Kollegah_Farid_Bang Jung Brutal Gutaussehend 2 - Premium Edition

German Gangster Rap / Deutschrap CD plus DVD. CD with a few very light marks, ... more

Selfmade Records SELF30-PE / GER 2013 CD + DVD VG+/VG+ Hip Hop 32,- €
Cut 2 Kill
...mehr Infos zu Cut_2_Kill Listen To The Basstone

UK Hip Hop / Breakbeat feat. Liam Howlett of The Prodigy. In original company ... more

Tam Tam Records TTT 032 / UK 1990 12inch VG+/VG+ Hip Hop 6,- €
...mehr Infos zu Schwarzweiss Kandidatur

Still sealed CD album on private label. German Hip Hop / Gangsta / Deutschrap ... more

M.I. town records / GER 2014 CD SS Hip Hop 7,- €
Linkin Park
...mehr Infos zu Linkin_Park H! Vltg3

DJ only release. Crossover Hip Hop feat. Evidence, Pharoahe Monch, DJ ... more

Warner Bros. Records PRO-A-100918 / USA 199? 12inch Mint-/Mint Hip Hop 6,- €
...mehr Infos zu Gipfeltreffen Rubelbildung

Private released Deutschrap / German Ragga Hip Hop CD. Tracklisting: 1 So ... more

Private / GER 2006 CD VG+/VG+ Hip Hop 18,- €
...mehr Infos zu Hostyle Criminals Love Story / Partners In Crime

Comes in original company sleeve. Tracklisting: A A Criminal Love Story ... more

Ligosa LIG507 / USA 1988 12inch VG+/VG+ Hip Hop 6,- €
BZ2 M.C.'s
...mehr Infos zu BZ2_M_C_s We're Troopers

Rare orig. in company sleeve / NO REISSUE ! Rare old school hip hop played by ... more

Strong City ST005 / USA 1987 12inch VG+/VG+ Hip Hop 18,- €
LL Cool J
...mehr Infos zu LL_Cool_J Doin It

Orig us with RED label & company sleeve. Tracklisting: A1 Doin It (LP ... more

Def Jam 314576121 / USA 1996 12inch VG+VG Hip Hop 8,- €
Lost Island
...mehr Infos zu Lost_Island Forbidden Ground

Orig. UK pic cover double vinyl set. Still in shrink! Tracklisting: A1 Intro ... more

Son 14 / UK 2000 2LP Mint-/Mint- Hip Hop 8,- €
DJ Vadim
...mehr Infos zu DJ_Vadim USSR The Art of Listening

With original autograph / Autogramm on the a-side label, placed while on one of ... more

Ninja Tune RP002 / UK 2002 12inch Mint-/Mint- Hip Hop 15,- €
Treacherous Three, The
...mehr Infos zu Treacherous_Three_The We Come Phat

Orig US release / feat. Kool Moe Dee, Special K, Big Daddy Kane, Melle Mel & ... more

Wrap 12-PO 223 / USA 1994 12inch Mint- Hip Hop 6,- €
MC Classy Rick
...mehr Infos zu MC_Classy_Rick We Can Make You Dance / Drop The Bass

Rare old school rap orig usa / prod. by Mr. Maniac. Tracklisting: A We Can ... more

Turf Handler TH004 / USA 1988 12inch Mint/Mint- Hip Hop 15,- €
O'Neal, Shaquille
...mehr Infos zu O_Neal_Shaquille Shoot Pass Slam

US orig pic cover, still sealed!! Tracklisting: A1 Shoot Pass Slam (LP ... more

Jive 01241-42215-1 / USA 1994 12inch SS Hip Hop 4,- €
Ray Luv
...mehr Infos zu Ray_Luv In The Game

Original STILL SEALED USA release in picture sleeve. Gangsta Rap feat. Ant Dog ... more

Atlantic 0-85576 / USA 1995 12inch SS Hip Hop 10,- €
...mehr Infos zu Nonchalant Until The Day

Promo CD single, released without frontcover. Tracklisting: 1 Until The Day ... more

MCA MCA5P-3727 / USA 1996 CD:Single Mint/Mint Hip Hop 5,- €
...mehr Infos zu Future Evol

Classic Trap LP. Barcode: 889853194810 Tracklisting: A1 Ain't No Time ... more

Epic 88985319481 / EEC 2016 LP VG+/VG+ Hip Hop 18,- €
Main Source
...mehr Infos zu Main_Source What You Need

Orig. US version with sticker on black sleeve. Tracklisting: A1 What You ... more

Wild Pitch Y-58092 / USA 1993 12inch Mint/Mint- Hip Hop 6,- €
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